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VPN Access

We can assist with VPN access through a number of EU and US based servers for UK residents.

200 Billion IoT Devices

By the end of 2017, it is estimated there will be at least 200 billion IoT Devices online, most of which still need securing.

Over 169 million personal details

In 2015, over 169 million personal records were publicly released as a direct result of cyber breaches and attacks.

$679 Ransom

In 2016, the global average ransomware demand is 679 US dollars.

Serious Insiders

A rapidly growing vector of attach for most companies is from insider threats; employees who copy and sell important information to competitors and criminals.

200 Days

On average, most attackers will remain present and active on a compromised system for around 200 days.  During this time, 80% will access attached imaging devices.

56,000 Ransomware attacks

In March of 2016 alone, there were a reported 56,000 ransomware attacks globally.

Phishing and Malware

In 2015 and the start of 2016, phising and malware were the most popular means of cyber attack.


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About TSSec

We are Digger and Odskee, a small information security research team based in the UK.  We love breaking and fixing things and enjoy getting our hands dirty in the field of infoSec.

Odskee tends to focus on the theoretical, software based aspects while Digger finds himself at home with the raw electronics.  We both have a number of years of experience within a number of similar roles and think these work best as a team.

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