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T. "OdSkee"


I've spent the last 5 years working equal parts web programmer / system admin and technical support for a UK based gaming company.

Throughout my recent experiences, I have encountered first hand the effects that poor cyber security can have; not only on companies but on individuals too.  I've always enjoyed making things do what they were never meant to and thoroughly enjoy engaging with others to have a little fun.  With the way modern life works, I think it's important to get people interested in some of the concepts of cyber security and to make us all aware that times often change quicker than our attitudes.

I've known Digger for a great number of years and have worked on various projects with him in the past.  We both share an ideology within the InfoSec field and this really helps create a dynamic relationship.

If you'd like to get to know more about me, drop me an email and offer me a beer!



S. "Digger"


I've been an avid hardware hacker since a very young age. Some kids got excited about toys - I got excited about old VCR players and broken desktops I could pull to pieces and rebuild. Very rarely did something in the house break that I couldn't fix by the time I was a teenager. Electronics wise anyway. Dont let me near your plumbing or plastering. I have known tom for over 10 years and we have always shared an affinity for technology, working together to repair or create a number of projects which we may one day attempt to document and share with you all.

The turning point for me becoming very interested in information security was being hit with an early form of ransomware at university. The kind which didnt encrypt your files but told you it had, locked you into that screen and asked for 6BTC (that might tell you how long ago this was). I have (almost) always been careful with backups so it was no problem for me, but it made me realise just how many people would have been absolutely devastated by this attack and have no idea how to deal with it.  This sparked a massive interest for me and I have been actively researching amd following security news and developments, as well as all of the major conferemces which upload their talks to the internet. Soon I hope to be able to truly attend some of them. Who's going to 34c3?

About TSSec

We are Digger and Odskee, a small information security research team based in the UK.  We love breaking and fixing things and enjoy getting our hands dirty in the field of infoSec.

Odskee tends to focus on the theoretical, software based aspects while Digger finds himself at home with the raw electronics.  We both have a number of years of experience within a number of similar roles and think these work best as a team.

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