Upcoming: DeAuth Grenade

Upcoming: DeAuth Grenade



A few days ago, Sam and myself were talking about the susceptibility of wireless networks.  I wanted to hear his thoughts on my idea of "disposable" bit of kit designed to fire away de-authentication packets on programmed networks that could in theory be 'dropped' at desired locations.



This is where Sam (despite this being my post :)) polished the idea as a deauth grenade; a small and cheap device that could be placed or thrown in the vicinity of a desired target.

This is a proof of concept project to demonstrate that this could be a potential and somewhat unique vector of attack.



This idea came about after discussing potential methods of disturbing work place routines and productivity via a cyber attack with a client.  After some discussion, I proposed the idea of physical access and something designed to deliberately interfere targeted wireless networks with the aim of reducing productivity.  I have noticed, as I'm sure many other have, how much reliance is given to the underlying network in most work places; furthermore, this extends to sever reliance on wireless networks as these are generally the cheapest and easiest way to provide extended network coverage.

While we (thankfully) have no need for such a device, we are interested to see if such a concept is viable.  Sam is working on the hardware to provide the cheapest yet most reliable setup (ideally, we are aiming to create a device that can survive a good throw).  I am working on the used OS and required applications to make this possible although storage space is significant issue.

Stay tuned and keep an eye on our blog, once we have a more detailed post, we'll also pop a link here to follow.


04 February 2017


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