The Pi_DS

The Pi_DS

We'd like to introduce to you the TSSec Pi_DS - an open source and community backed project to create a standalone device aimed at protecting your digital life.

The Pi_DS is an Intrusion Detection System using a Raspberry Pi 3 for hardware - hence the name.  The aim to provide a device which you can attach to your network and know it will lookout for and alert you to unusual activity and potential malicouse intent.

Featuring PiPS or the Pi Intrusion Prevention Service, the Pi_DS will additionally provide mitigation where possible, limiting the damage to your network and systems.

We're not the first (and probably won't be the last) team to put IDS software on a Raspberry Pi but we're the first who will do it right!  The project is in very early stages currently although once some inmportant details have been decided, we are commited to making this a fully open-source project.

Check out our blog for regular updates as we will share everything there - we will also update this page with major updates as they happen.


14 May 2017


Wireless, Raspberry Pi

About TSSec

We are Digger and Odskee, a small information security research team based in the UK.  We love breaking and fixing things and enjoy getting our hands dirty in the field of infoSec.

Odskee tends to focus on the theoretical, software based aspects while Digger finds himself at home with the raw electronics.  We both have a number of years of experience within a number of similar roles and think these work best as a team.

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