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One of the annoying things with Windows 10 home is the lack of gpedit or Group Policy Editor.  In this small tutorial, I will show you how you can get this working on Windows 10 Home.  I find it can be useful particularly when demonstrating techniques without employing anti virus evasion techniques.

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In this guide, I'm going to walk you through the process of setting up Kali Rolling on your Raspberry Pi 2, while using an external hard drive / USB falsh drive to contain the root FS.  Why you ask... Becuase the full install of Kali is around 30GB and this means a large micro sd card is required.

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We are Digger and Odskee, a small information security research team based in the UK.  We love breaking and fixing things and enjoy getting our hands dirty in the field of infoSec.

Odskee tends to focus on the theoretical, software based aspects while Digger finds himself at home with the raw electronics.  We both have a number of years of experience within a number of similar roles and think these work best as a team.

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