Installing Group Policy Editor on Home edition

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One of the annoying things with Windows 10 home is the lack of gpedit or Group Policy Editor.  In this small tutorial, I will show you how you can get this working on Windows 10 Home.  I find it can be useful particularly when demonstrating techniques without employing anti virus evasion techniques.

Group Policy Editor, as the name suggests, is the method for editing Windows group policies.  These are essentially the rules that govern what users can and can't do on the system and there is a very wide range of options that can be controlled.  A collection of these rules or policies is referred to as a Group Policy Object.  I'm not going to go into local group policies or enforcement other than it is possible to prevent an application from accessing its group policy so it does have its limitations.

When interacting with group policies, you do so using the Group Policy Management Console and it is this user interface with the underlying requirements that we will be installing.


Installing Group Policy

All we need to do is download and run the setup file which will pretty much do everything for us.  You can obtain this from us here and from this external link also.  You simply need to extract it where you will find setup.exe - execute it.

You will now need to copy two folders and a file from C:\Windows\SysWOW64 to C:\Windows\System32

  1. GroupPolicy
  2. GroupPolicyUsers
  3. gpedit.msc

And that's all there is to it, no restarts are necessary, simply open run followed by gpedit.msc and you'll have full control over group policies.

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